I have had chronic pain for several years. As a military spouse we have moved many times through Europe and the United States, and I have had many excellent massage therapists. I have to say that Jim is truly gifted in the art of massage. I was completely relaxed by the enviroment of his spa, the music and water features. He was able to work through the tension and knots that gather around the arthritis in my neck gently and effectively. It was a wonderful experience.
(currently Weisbaden Germany)

There are not enough words to describe what an amazing experience it is to get a massage from Jim. As a person as addicted to massage as I, I feel I have had enough experiences and will say that Jim is the BEST! From the moment you walk into his studio to the last minute you leave it is a wonderfully relaxing and spiritual experience. Jim’s soft warm nature puts you at ease and ready to let go of all else in your life while in his caring hands. It is quite obvious he loves what he does and loves his clients. When you need some tender loving care, Jim is the guy to call. You won’t be disappointed!
Dan H.
Cool, CA

Jim gives a GREAT massage. My wife and I (along with nearly every member of our families) have been going to him for over five years now and have enjoyed every massage. Jim is trained in many forms of massage and will experiment with those techniques to find the one that is most beneficial and enjoyable for his customer. I look forward to every massage because Jim makes it fun, memorable, and most of all “relaxing.”
Larry S.
Rocklin, CA

I’ve been going to Jim Jacobs, CMT for over 6 years now. I’m so glad a colleague of mine referred me to him. If Jim ever decides to quit the massage business, he has a career in Interior Design! The waiting room is very well kept and peaceful and the massage room is completely personal and private. Just walking into the spa relaxes me! Jim is learning new massage techniques all the time to increase his repertoire and stay current, so it’s not the “same old massage” unless that’s what you want. I work on a computer 8-12 hours per day, so have a lot of upper back and neck stiffness. Lately he’s been working on me with some new techniques that have really helped those areas so I have less aches and pains. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone interested in finding a long-term masseuse.
Alcinda W.
Roseville, CA

There are many things I look forward to in life and one that’s near the top of the list is getting a massage from Jim. On top of being the best masseuse that I’ve ever gone to, and there’ve been many, he is a warm and compassionate person who really cares about his clients and people in general.
Chico P.
Rocklin, CA

I work an extremely stressful job, which causes extreme neck and back tension and spasms. I have gone to many different CMT’s and Jim is far and above anyone else I have ever been to. I know that if my back goes into a spasm, Jim is the only person that can expertly calm that spasm to the point I have no lingering pain. That is a feat no one has ever been able to accomplish. Jim is the best. I highly recommend him to anyone I talk to. I will never leave his “healing hands!!”
Edi k
Rocklin, CA

I have been using CMTs for more than 25 years. Jim has consistently given me therapy in a personable but professional manner for the last two years. Like most people my needs have varied from time to time but Jim is skilled enough to be able to respond competently each time. I would recommend his services to anyone.
Wayne Harbarger

Hey Mr. Jacobs! I always look forward to my massage appointments with you, I feel so relaxed and comfortable from the moment I walk in your spa till the time I leave. I’ve been a happy client for 4 years now.
Tony M.
Sacramento, CA

Jim is the best! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to be pampered by him. He is very detailed & cares about each and every visit and how he can help heal you all while making you feel very comfortable. The atmosphere is relaxing, massage table is very comfortable and warm and I love the heated rice bags that definitely help to ease and loosen my muscles. He has excellent training credentials and technique.
Sheila A.
Rocklin, CA.

Over the years I have been too many massage therapist, no one has compared to Jim. His professionalism, expertise and kind touch are outstanding. HE ROCKS!!!!
Roni H.
Rocklin, Ca

This is one of the best massages around. I’ve gone and tried other places but always end up coming back for more. I have a deep appreciation for a massage therapist that can be so consistently good. Jim is in a league of his own!
Vicky S.,
Rocklin, CA

Jim is a seriously talented massage therapist and his warm and welcoming attitude makes every visit something to look forward to!
Mike T.
Sacramento CA

I have been a steady client of Jim’s for almost 9 years. I think he is by far the very best massage therapist I have experienced over the past 30 years. He has an amazing command of a wide variety of techniques and can utilize any of them to deliver positive results every session. Jim’s sunny disposition and sincere care for his clients makes each and every visit a true pleasure.
Rick T.
Roseville, CA

Jim Jacobs is by far the absolute BEST massage therapist in Rocklin! Jim really cares about his clients and really pays attention to their needs. He takes special care to tailor his work specifically to his client - he does not just give you a “routine” massage. Every time I see Jim, I feel wonderful!
Pete B.
Sacramento, CA

I met Jim last Dec ‘03... I had determined to stop getting my nails done, and start getting massages instead. At that time, due to a heavy workload, I had a kink so bad in my neck that I could not turn my head to the right. With one massage, I was able to turn my head again with very little pain... after a second massage, that kink in my neck disappeared. It had been there for months! It is completely gone now and I have no more burning knots in my shoulders!

Jim has healing hands! I’ve only met one other CMT with such healing hands in my 27 years of going to CMT’s, off and on. In walking into his office, it is so relaxing and calming. The indoor waterfalls and music are wonderful. His rooms are also very relaxing and nice and so very professional.

Jim has been such a wonderful blessing in my life! I thank God for him! He was recommended to me from one of my very best friends! I highly recommend him !!
Rebecca G.
Roseville, CA

The BEST massage, I’ve ever had!
Tony R.
Sacramento, CA

I always schedule my massages on Fridays as it is the BEST way to end a work week! I highly recommend JJ as his massages are “all about you”!
Sally B.
Granite Bay, CA

“When I was first offered a Massage by Jim I wasn’t really all that interested. I figured that it was only a massage, so how good could it actually make me feel? After the massage was over I realized that I have never been so relaxed in my life! My whole body felt wonderful and my mind was completely serene. Now I’m sad that Jim is all the way across the country from us!”
Londonderry, NH

“As a computer operator I’m continually at my keyboard and working. For the longest time I thought that I was doing a good job of keeping my muscles in my neck and shoulders relaxed. Daily stretching exercises recommended by our Ergonomic Facilitators seemed to make me feel comfortable in my work. After some minor neck pain and shoulder tightness I decided to give a massage a try. I cannot stress how good I felt after my first massage! The difference in how my shoulders and neck felt after just on session was enough to convince me to keep it as a regular part of my health maintenance! Thanks to Jim and his caring approach in keeping me comfortable at all times I found a great way to help myself and keep myself healthier.”
Londonderry, NH