What types of patients does Daily Dose Massage normally see?
Primarily, I see a range of patients, from injury recovery to everyday stress. The injuries can range from automobile accidents and surgeries to a variety of sports injuries, to name a few. If you have a patient that you are unsure if I can treat, please call and ask.

Why should I send my patients to Daily Dose Massage Therapy?
I will insist that your patients keep all of their appointments with you. They can come see me only if they are current with your plan of care. The focus of the client’s massage will only be on those areas covered by your prescription because I know there are reasons for your diagnosis, and reasons why you might omit other areas.

Your patients will receive a combination of focused soft tissue techniques to increase range of motion and decrease pain. They will receive a detailed evaluation at the time of the initial visit and a re-evaluation at the end of each subsequent prescription.

What should I expect for my patients from a massage session at Daily Dose Massage Therapy?
During their first session, your patient's situation will be assessed. They will also be checked for contraindications to massage. When this initial evaluation is complete, I will plan treatment based on your diagnoses and my findings. Depending on your patient's stage of healing and your prescription, the treatment may consist of regular massage, deep tissue massage; trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, neuromuscular therapy, muscle-energy techniques, myofascial release, or other manual therapies.

I will not treat any area that does not have a soft tissue diagnosis code provided by you. At your request, we will provide you with copies of our treatment notes to assist you in determining your patient's progress. I may occasionally call you regarding the patient's progress, and I will be available for you to do the same.

How can I specify length of treatment?
Length of treatment is determined by the areas diagnosed by you for treatment. On each date of service, a maximum of two physical medicine CPT procedures (15 minutes each) per body area, with a maximum of four total CPT codes per date of service, may be billed to insurance. The three body areas that are considered standard for physical medicine billing are the axial skeleton, upper extremities, and lower extremities. Four total CPT codes would require that a minimum of two or more body areas are diagnosed to be treated. If three body areas are diagnosed for treatment, the maximum CPT usage is still limited to four.

To avoid issues with CPT codes and insurance payment, patients should not schedule physical therapy, chiropractic care or massage therapy on the same day.

How can I reach you?
If you have any questions or comments please call or email If I don't answer the phone when you call, leave a message – I will return your call as soon as possible.