Welcome to my online scheduling page!

I REALLY value speaking with you, not only to find the right time slot but also to discuss whats going on with you! Since I'm not always able to answer the phone, I decided to include online scheduling to make sure each client gets in ASAP.

Please review the open time slots and choose the one that best suites your needs. My basic schedule is from 10am until 8pm, with my last client at 7pm. Sometimes, for 90 minute appointments, the appointment time "may" need to be shifted by 30 minutes. I'll let you know if that's the case.

I do keep a cancellation list, so if your preferred time isn't available, go ahead chose the next best slot and in the NOTES section give me a few options of days and time frames that would work best for you and and if it opens up, I'll will definitely give you a call!

** Emergency Appointments**

From time to time clients find themselves in extreme pain. I never charge extra for these appointments and I will do my utmost to make time to get you in. YOU WILL NEED TO CALL ME DIRECTLY at 916-847-4880!

Also, its important to know that massages provided at Day Spas and franchised massage outfits offer 1 hour treatments but you really only get 50 minutes of Hands On massage! Its your hard earned money, spend it wisely!


Everyone needs to relax, to escape the tyranny of time. Massage provides a means to counteract the relentless surge of work and personal pressure. Our vision is to provide our clients with a caring, sensitive, and holistic treatment by focusing on each client’s specific needs.


Monday ~ Saturday
By Appointment Only