Jim Jacobs, BA, LCMT has been in business for over 10 years. He hails from New Hampshire where he was trained at the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health. While training at NEIWH, Jim received a broad and extensive holistic education covering both Eastern and Western techniques.

New Hampshire's standards for Massage training are one of the highest in the country. Initially, Jim completed NEIWH’s basic requirement of 750 hours of training. This consisted of 12 different types of bodywork. Since his graduation in 1998, Jim has continued aggressively expanding his skills and techniques with over an additional 500+ hours of advanced training. In order to be licensed in NH, a therapist must also be Nationally Certified, a standard created to ensure therapists are maintaining the highest quality of training and business ethics.

For each new client, a pre and post consultation are done. This ensures that each client receives a complete and comprehensive understanding of a prescribed treatment as well as suggestions on improving health and well-being. Detailed files are kept on each client to track the effects of each treatment, with the ultimate goal of enhancing our clients’ lives on many levels.

Jim welcomes inquiries with any questions people might have concerning massage and bodywork.